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The Cigar Room is a family-owned and run business located in the north Alabama area. Our founder, Donald Waddell, is a native of Huntsville and has always been in the retail industry. His love of cigars began many years before the inception of The Cigar Room.

Donald had a casual relationship with the leaf and over the years slowly refined his taste through a variety of cigars. In 2010, he attended “The Big Smoke,” a cigar conference for consumers. He learned about cigars from seed to stick, meeting some of the faces of the industry. When he returned home, the idea to open a cigar shop was solidified. Donald wanted to share his love of the cigar and of the industry with others and to establish a shop where everyone, no matter their background, was welcome.


In April 2011, he realized his dream with the opening of The Cigar Room in Madison, Alabama. The shop quickly gained a reputation for excellent selection and customer service, leading him to expand the flagship location in 2013. In 2014, The Cigar Room opened a second location in Florence, Alabama. A third location opened in Spring of 2022 in Guntersville, Alabama.

Donald and the entire Cigar Room team continue to learn about cigars and the industry by staying in close contact with the cigar makers, attending conferences, and experiencing cigar artisan trips where they see the entire process: farming, storing, rolling, packaging.

This enthusiasm for the cigar world is easy to catch when anyone spends any amount of time at The Cigar Room. Everyone is generous with their knowledge and hospitality, making it a welcoming place for cigar smokers new and old.